Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Try this hidden Las Vegas treasure and treat!

My son, Dave, and I, after enjoying the food and hospitality at The Omelet House in Las Vegas!
Las Vegas locals know about this place, including many celebrities. But tourists usually need a tip or recommendation. After their first visit, most become enthusiastic recommenders, just as I am, along with our Vegas-based family members. I'm referring to Kevin Mills' original Omelet House, located about four miles from The Strip at 2160 West Charleston Blvd.

Before my June (2018) dog-sitting visit to Las Vegas, I remembered reading that The Omelet House was the late Jerry Lewis's favorite restaurant. He lived in Vegas since the early 1980's. The Omelet House was the venue where Jerry Seinfeld interviewed the legendary "King of Comedy" in 2012. You can see that 2018-released interview, along with the two Jerrys driving and chatting around Vegas in a vintage red Jaguar, in the Netflix series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

When you enter this amazing restaurant, you'll see an autographed photo of President Jimmy Carter and his family, as well as a menu autographed by President Bill Clinton. As the hostess guides you to a table, I found myself looking around to see if I could spot someone I recognized, such as a celebrity or prominent national politician.

Besides our server giving us excellent service, a wonderful supervisor by the name of "Loni" (I hope I have that name right) answered our questions and included some interesting antidotes about this famous restaurant. When we asked about Jerry Lewis, she said that sometimes the star would have his driver come by and pick up five orders of  "very stiff" bacon, the treat that Lewis loved so much. You can hear him order it during this Seinfeld interview, at this very restaurant.

Naturally, we just had to request a couple of orders of that excellent Jerry Lewis bacon. And it was terrific! For my main breakfast course, I ordered the "Mile-High City" omelet. With a nod to the famous "Denver sandwich," its contents included ham, bell pepper, and onion.

Prices are reasonable. Only $11.29 (2018) for that omelet I ordered and that included all the trimmings.These omelets - constructed from their stated "farm fresh eggs" - are served with the restaurant's classic spuds and your choice of Toast, English Muffin, Homemade Pumpkin Nut Bread, Banana Nut Bread (when available) or Tortillas. Trust me, you won't leave this place hungry, but you will take with you lots of unique and happy memories. I know our family did. Our party was comprised of my son, David, daughter-in-law Tammy, granddaughter Olivia (12) and myself.

Here's a scan of the menu we ordered from on that June Sunday in 2018.
Note our host's signature and "thank you" in the upper right hand corner.
You'll find lots of "personal touches" to everything they do at The Omelet House.
Click on menu for a larger image.
This is the side of the menu with the actual omelets.
I had the one indicated by the little red check mark. #8, the "Mile-High-City"
Click on menu for larger image

For the health conscience, the menu says, "Because we love you, we use only ZERO trans-fat oil in our cooking."

Next time you're in Vegas or if you live there as my son does, stop by The Omelet House and dig in. You won't regret your experience at this very authentic Vegas landmark!