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Sloppy Joes's Bar and Restaurant in Key West, Florida. When the home page comes up, click on Webcams and then click on Live Stage Cam -it's live whenever Sloppy Joe's is open. Enjoy the fun! 

The Panama Canal. This is a bucket list item for me. This website shows slowly changing photographs of the canal and its locks in operation 24/7 (well lighted at night). The photographs change about every ten seconds or so.

The Hiliners61 Class Blog. This is the class blog and web archive of the Valley City (ND) High School Class of 1961. Or check on the Class of 1962 at Valley City (ND) High School, by clicking here. 

RADIO GARDEN - you'll see the globe with dots all over. Each one is a local radio station in some part of the world. A fun and useful site.

I AM (WE ARE) AUSTRALIAN - written in 1987 by Bruce Woodley of The Seekers, the Australian folk group famous for Georgy Girl, A World of Our Own and Morningtown Ride. Collaborating with Woodley on the song, was Dobe Newton of the Bushwachers, another Australian group. Wikipedia article
about the song.

STATLER BROTHERS FAREWELL CONCERT   Free YouTube Video of the final performance of the Statler Brothers, October 26, 2002, at the Salem Civic Center, Salem, Virginia. Introduction by the late Jimmy Dean. For the complete concert on a DVD from Amazon, click here.

DISTANT SIGNALS - the best "railfan" YouTube channel on the web, produced and hosted by Danny Harmon. If you like trains - you'll love this continually updated channel!

DON'T LET THE OLD MAN IN - sung by the late Toby Keith (1961-2024). So sorry to lose him. He died way to young. The "old man" he singing about is death. Try to not let THAT happen for a long time. God bless his memory.  My friend, Denny G. from Minnesota, submitted this link. Thanks, Denny!

TO A SLEEPING BEAUTY  - The late Jimmy Dean does a narrative recording (not a song) about his daughter. I heard this before I was married, and it made me want to be a father of daughter. Which I became later and I always thought of this heart-warming recording by Jimmy Dean.

 BLIZZARD OF '66 - A TV news story from KVRR-TV aired on the 50th anniversary of the worst blizzard in my lifetime.

JIMMIE RODGERS SINGS "T FOR TEXAS" If there was a founder of country/folk music it was Jimmy Rodgers. This is a good example of his very early work.

ROY CLARK INTERVIEW - my friend and former broadcast colleague, John Erling of Tulsa, Oklahoma, interviews many well known and even legendary Oklahomans. One of his best - and he has many great interviews on his Voices of Oklahoma website - is his visit with the late Roy Clark of Country and popular music fame. To hear that interview click here.