Friday, October 13, 2017

Amazon's handy free service for Kindle users

If you haven't tried it already, please do! When you "highlight" a passage in the book you're reading on your Kindle, that highlight is stored in a special area - available only to you - on Amazon's website. I love this feature because if I want to refer back to a highlight I made in a certain book (including borrowed public library Kindle formatted books), there it is ready for me to copy and paste into an email or Word document.

You can check out this feature - you'll need your Amazon account and password - by going to That's not a link, simply paste or type into your browser. Your Kindle has offered the highlight feature since its inception and your highlights have always been stored, ready for retrieval by you. However, Amazon recently upgraded this capability and their new "notebook" area is now easier than ever to use. Try it!

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