Who's me

I'm Larry Gauper and I'm a little crazy. I'm retired from my 32 years in corporate communications and advertising agency work. I also spent most of my high school and college days in radio and TV broadcasting, starting at a 250-watt station in North Dakota and working my way to a late night (on weekends, all night) show on 50,000-watt KSTP Radio in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

I also had a lot of great fun working the copy department at WDAY Radio from 1967 until 1975. I wrote and produced radio commercials and did lots of TV voice-overs. Great job that I highly recommend to students in advertising. I worked with no budget and came up with ideas I could write and produce myself, for radio. The TV guys gave me some copy and I'd voice it and enhance it with sound effects and/or music. 

Prior to going to WDAY, while I was a student at NDSU, I started with KXJB-TV at the Granger Hill studio in Valley City. Connie (Blackstead) Boler hired me to do the 7:45 morning news from the Valley City studio in the fall of 1961. This was fed to their TV affiliates in Bismarck and Minot. A big deal for a kid with no TV news experience! Sometime during early 1962, she asked me to come to Fargo to work out of the main TV studio there, doing weekend weather for Jim Rohn and try my best to do Jim Andelson weekend sports. I was also assigned DJ work on (then) KXGO Radio (before and now, KFGO). These were excellent educational experiences. Learned a lot! 48 hours a week at $300 a month. And, I was a full time NDSU student (not a good one).

Okay, so why am I nuts? Well, I should be sitting on some beach someplace counting the waves and drinking mai tais or piƱa coladas. Instead, I love to work at many of the "tasks" I did professionally since I received my first paycheck for radio work at age 15. I still do radio spots and TV voice-overs, record narration for videos and the web. All at very reasonable, negotiable rates. If you have a project you'd like me to tackle, send me an email. Contact me at WORDchipper@gmail.com.

Besides recording at Video Arts Studios in Fargo, I've also done voice sessions at Media Productions in Fargo and at Full Wave Sound Studios in Dunedin, Florida (Tampa Bay area).

Here's a sample of my "longer form" or "audio book" type narration from the book Loss of the Titanic and Lessons Learned by Lawrence Beesley, recorded in my studio. Music is by Gary Lamb. You may find out more about Mr. Lamb's royalty-free music for production use and listening at http://www.garylamb.com/

Here's a link sampling how I handle an audio interview. It's a visit I did with the late Bobby Vee in 2010, about a year prior to his being diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. This interview was produced as part of the promotion for a reunion of the Class of 1961 (Valley City, ND high school). Bobby was a student in the 1961 class of Fargo Central High School. To listen to the interview, about 12 minutes in length, click here.

Below are links examples of non-commercial radio work. These are two of more than a hundred programs I did for public radio. The series was called Serendipity and was recorded in my personal studio:

Public Radio Program_1_Louis L'Amour
Public Radio Program_2_Speaking your mind