Saturday, December 19, 2015

A new understanding of who and what God is

My friend, Tom Martin, has written a book that explains his personal and Christian interpretation of God. The book is titled Love and Spirit: A New Set of Eyes, published in 2015 by Balboa Press of Bloomington, Indiana. I highly recommend it to anyone who would like to explore a new and, perhaps, more relevant understanding of who and what God is.

Tom is a captain for a major airline. He's never attended a seminary and holds no degrees in theology that would qualify him as an "expert" on God. He says, "I'm just a seeker." Like me, and, maybe, like you.

This author lives near Duluth, in northern Minnesota. Last summer, we got together in a cabin on beautiful Lake Vermilion, not far from where Tom lives, and we visited about his book. The result of that conversation is a fifteen-minute video you can access through the link below at the end of the next sentence. You'll learn more about the author and what this highly interesting book is all about by watching the video viewable by clicking here.

You can find out more about Tom's book and order a copy, either hard-cover print or in the Kindle electronic format by clicking on one of the two links below. Note: if you click on the "Shop now" link, Amazon will ask if you if you want to put the book in your Amazon cart. If you simply want more information and then decide whether or not to order, click on the book's title. The Kindle electronic edition - which includes the entire text of the printed book - is currently available for $1.99 and for more information and to order the book in both print and Kindle formats, click here.