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Interview with former Fargo-Moorhead Twins catcher, Jerry Mehlisch about his professional baseball career and his teammate, the legendary Roger Maris. The F-M Twins is where Fargo kid, Roger Maris got his start. To watch the interview, click here.

When In Our Music God is Glorified, performed by the massed choirs of Olivet Lutheran Church, Fargo, North Dakota, on Music Sunday, May 13, 2018. To see video, click here.  Arranged by Cathy Moklebust. Copyright 2011 by Choristers Guild Publishing. Performed and posted with permission.

May the Peace of the Lord, performed by the massed choirs of Olivet Lutheran Church, Fargo, North Dakota, on Music Sunday, May 13, 2018. Words and music composed byJoseph Martin, copyright 1988, Hope Publishing Company, Carol Stream, IL, 60188. All Rights Reserved. Performed and posted with permission. To see the video: click here

Video Interview with author Tom Martin about his book:
Love and Spirit: A New Set of Eyes

Valley City (ND) High School Class of 1961 Ten-year Picnic film
This video was originally shot on Kodachrome II Super 8 silent film by me on June 27, 1971. Ten years after graduation from Valley City High School, the Class of 1961 gathered for their first reunion. On Sunday morning, following the festivities on Saturday, some of our classmates who were still around met for a picnic in Chautauqua Park, on the banks of the Sheyenne River. A number of those in the film have passed away and this video is dedicated to them. Background music is comprised of copyright-cleared selections from the Adobe Premiere Elements program file. To view video, click here

Back in the early days of the Internet, prior to the beginning of the World Wide Web, I discovered  Internet international email via America Online. Back in 1993, this was fascinating to me, particularly when I found the address of a Russian professor and entrepreneur from St. Petersburg, Arcady Khotin. His address was stated in the signature of a letter he had sent to "Boardwatch" magazine. I immediately transmitted an email to Arcady and that started a conversation that went on for a couple of years or more.

Glasnost, i.e., "openess of information," was taking hold and I enjoyed answering Arcady's questions about America, as he told me of his country and his family, as I told him about mine. Those conversations were a lot of fun; certainly educational for me and, I think, for Arcady.

It so happens that Arcady emailed a Christmas/New Year's greeting to NBC News in New York, demonstrating this new form of international communication. His message was read by Brian Williams on NBC Nightly News. The network's local affiliate in Fargo, North Dakota, carried the story and then learned of my world-wide "keyboard pal" relationship with Arcady. Because this technology was so new (I was using a Mac SE at the time with dial-up AOL service), the station came to my house and produced a story showing how I email my Russian friend.

The reporter was Dave Hovde and the anchor was Robin Heubner. The 1993 video below is posted with the permission of KVLY-TV (then called KTHI-TV):

Roy C. "Pete" Pedersen was a colleague of mine at WDAY during the late 1960s and early 70s. He was a WDAY "pioneer," going back to the days of radio in the 1940s. He served as a Fargo, North Dakota, city commissioner for a number of years and is a terrific and long-time booster of North Dakota State University Bison athletics. He founded the "Bison Hall of Fame" and was inducted as a member. I shot this video at the Golden Living Center, Moorhead, Minnesota, where Roy is currently a resident.

I shot the video below at the WDAY Alumni Luncheon on July 19, 2011. Marv Bossart, a television legend in Fargo (ND) and Moorhead (MN) for over 40 years and a professor of journalism at Minnesota State University, Moorhead, suffers from Parkinson's disease. Claudia Danovic was his co-anchor on the 6:00 and 10:00 P.M. newscasts on WDAY-TV for 16 years, the first female in the Upper Midwest to hold such a position.