Of the 308 Wordchipper (SM) columns I wrote for the weekly F-M Extra newspaper over a six year period, I've selected some to share here. All are in the Adobe Acrobat PDF format for easy printing; most are sized to 8.5 x 11, however, there are a few that are in full column size. Your printer can size these to fit on a lettersize piece of paper, however, the print will be smaller. I'll be adding more to this list from time-to-time as I rummage through my archive (on some computers, you may have to "right-click" on the link and select "open in new window")

One to Remember: "The Blizzard of '66"
Crisis PR and Journalism
I'm Sorry - all about apologies
Living the Mission  about Clint Hill, Secret Service Agent, native North Dakotan, and Concordia College graduate
Make it one for my baby...(my last print column in the Extra)
Abolishing Medicare (the Republican plan)
My Favorite Things (a gift from MSUM)
Go Figure (regarding the debt ceiling debate)
Speilberg and I shot Super 8
The Future of Books (the debate about e-books)
Feedback on Peeves (reaction to my pet peeve list)
Radio, my way! (my hosting duties on KFGO)
Saluting Captain Bob!  (Casselton's and North Dakota's Bob Miller)
Don & Earl (WDAY): Where are they now? 
Instructions on how to take care of a Golden Retriever
An Amazing Love Story (Bob & Connie Nestoss)
Quarterly Pet Peeve List
The Titanic - 99 years ago
Hotdish Heaven
Keeping up with Roy "Pete" Pedersen
Fly by Wire - the Hudson River Landing
Thanks to the Pilots! (Passengers frustrated? So are the pilots!)
Midnight Caller (Skeeter Davis)
Marv & Claudia - Where are they now?
This is NPR A book about National Public Radio
Donating Yourself - an essay by Bob Aronson
Remembering what they did for us
Here's Howard! - WDAY-TV's Howard Campbell
The Way We Were (my 50th High School reunion)
Peeves and Pains
Driving in Great Britain
Start an Electronic Notebook
What was so great about him? (Book on Gen. Custer)
Woody! - Woody Gagnon's autobiography
Guess Who They Are - WDAY Radio legends
The power of stories - about a video for children and reading