Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Welcome WDAY alumni and media friends

As you may have discovered by now, I have moved the "WDAY Alumni" archive from a Google "sites" page to a "tabbed page" on this blog. Simply click on the WDAY Alumni tab at the top of this page and you'll go to the archive of all Mike Notes Reprise newsletters (22 issues, in all, now), along with other PDFs of photos, plus audio and video files. If you're a broadcast memorabilia fan, you'll find lots to look at here.

I decided to go this route because it's much easier to add and manage files with Google blog "pages." I've gone back into production of the newsletter which I hope sustain on a monthly basis. The WDAY Alumni page also gives the date of the next luncheon, to which all WDAY retirees, current employees, former employees (even those who may now being working with another station or medium), ad agency workers, as well as other media friends and colleagues with some kind of connection to the broadcast industry or mass communications. In other words, "all are welcome" at our luncheons, held each month at the Fargo Holiday Inn. See the WDAY Alumni page for dates and time, etc.

If you have any problems opening any of the files on the tabbed page, please let me know. While I've double-checked the links involved, I may have missed something. And be sure to "shortcut" on your desktop and check this blog whenever convenient. I'll be attempting to add new material right along. Thanks!